The Friend Zone


This is not a creation of my subconscious mind nor is it an image of my total thoughts but the harsh reality engulfing the mode of relations as far as my generation is concerned,precisely, the boy-girl relationship.

There is a dark deep hole where girls throw boys who unfortunately fail to make the cut.A hole without a ladder,a rope,stairs or even elevators, a hole popularly known as the “Friend zone “.Once you are tossed in there,you can’t get out,there is no escape root,there is no appeal process-The judge’s decision is final.You have been canned.
The girl will label you a very nice guy,just like herbal tea,garlic or even medicinal marijuana.The closest you can get to this girl is a peck,not overlooking the fact that she can even change her clothes in front of you as she narrates the kind of stories she tells her girlfriends.Even though you are called by all the sweetest names,basically a poodle has more privileges.
The one thing that amazes me is most guys in the friend zone are used as errand boys.They are the stepping stones,handy men,heavy lifters,escorts among other lackluster roles.Ironically,many boys go through all these ordeal stuff imagining that they stand a chance.They really think they are making progress while in reality,they are just a bunch of hamsters running a rotating wheel.
All I’m saying is life can quickly get cruel if you don’t pay attention.These girls have invented this technique of drawing the line rather not fast enough,of giving guys false hopes,they act interested ,acting all coy and when you ask them out,they hold their chest in shock and say “OMG!I…I…I thought we were just friends.You are my friend…Aren’t you?”
Who would you blame for the confusion?



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