Just an honest thought…


A pen being the tongue of the mind,I suppose we should communicate not only fluently but attractively,with efficiency and the original message being well conveyed in our scripts.We should express our deep feelings,emotions with enthusiasm,freely and without constraints for that will sum up to the felicity of expression.

That said and done;Have you ever experienced a feeling caused by certain humans that you seem not to understand?Of course,a really awesome feeling that if you tried to explain,you’d definitely run short of words.

Well,in my world of reality stitched with thoughts,every idea is a fact,in my Ins cape,emotions are as real as gravity.

I sometimes feel like grabbing the whole of such beings and putting them inside me so that they can at least grasp even if it’s a spark of the palpability they grant me.I think I wouldn’t dare ask for much from them.They should be there to offer an emotional promenade when the times seem dull,when everything seem to be against me,they should be a bypass to my smiles highway.When I seem lost,they should be a map to my destination.

Many a times I meet people,who come and go,some are always around me,some just linger at the back of my mind,others don’t even stay and there are those that get rooted in my heart,those…those are worth a treasure.

I know you also have a couple of people whose company you are proud of,those that bring you joy and make your heart smile…therefore,pay attention to those that are keen with you and your feelings,cultivate for such bonds.



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