Interact more often…

Interaction and association are vital for human beings. You’ll be so delighted to discover the positive energy that is radiated and the infinite transformation in your life when you interact and associate yourself with the right people.

A smile and a simple hello can be the beginning of a number of great things,an opportunity to embrace the power of interaction and the ultimate experience of coexistence in its most raw and beautiful form. Whatever your social,professional, financial or other situation might be isn’t really important, what makes this work is the devotion to support each other in times of mellow and sorrow,to always smile regardless of the size and numbr of bumps on the road.This is something so simple and yet so special since no man is an island but then again,its not easy to determine the right people,those with good intentions especially if you are meeting them for the first time that is why its important to proceed with caution,some times not all people who smile back mean good.Your effort in such associations and relationships is also key.If you are all about half-ass stuff and mediocre,then the same shall be returned but put in mind that some links you created probably years ago may save your day in the future.

This life has so much in store for us,we discover these things after every single second that passes.I have come to realize that it is in our human nature to lean towards where we feel most at home in almost all aspects.This explains why we enjoy powerful talks and communication between ourselves and those special people we rarely meet,who make every word feel magical effortlessly. Have you ever been in a conversation or an interaction that changed how you viewed your world?My assumption can not be wrong since you have made an effort to obliterate illiteracy. Yeah,you’re smart!That interaction probably geared your life to the next level through an important upsurge of passion and the powerful stimulation of gratifying communication with that person.Of course such events are triggered and well-prepared by yourself by making the most out of the first meeting or from the first time that you met all through to that point.

Among the things that stand out is the timing and your total implication in building a long lasting relationship filled with mutual understanding, support, shared goals and interests, the relationship that will be at the same time wonderful and provide you with the sense of being where you belong, security and inner comfort.However,don’t forget to be cautious and sensitive,you’re the pace setter.

What are you waiting for?

There is that feeling that,in most cases,engulfs you after you have accomplished something that was,if not impossible,next to impossible.You’ll agree with me that we’d run out of words if we tried to explain that feeling.Of course,it is one of the best feelings,it generates a special kind of power,that ‘been there,done it’ kind of power that makes you want to keep doing the seemingly impossible things.

It cracks me up when someone is not courageous enough,for instance,to be the first one to do a particular thing because they are afraid of messing up and they are just there waiting for their friends or other people to go first and see how it turns out.

That kind of mindset will take us nowhere but behind.Believe you me,if you try and fail,you’ll be far ahead of the person who hasn’t or better yet,that spectator who wants to see how your case turns out and if I were you,I wouldn’t disappoint them.

The magnitude of the power we posess is unbelievable,we just fail to act accordingly.It is time we quit spectating.Let us be the creterion,the touchstone,the benchmark for others.

There is just so much to be done,what are you waiting for?

The Friend Zone

King_n_Queens_Cards-wallpaper-10551647This is not a creation of my subconscious mind nor is it an image of my total thoughts but the harsh reality engulfing the mode of relations as far as my generation is concerned,precisely, the boy-girl relationship.

There is a dark deep hole where girls throw boys who unfortunately fail to make the cut.A hole without a ladder,a rope,stairs or even elevators, a hole popularly known as the “Friend zone “.Once you are tossed in there,you can’t get out,there is no escape root,there is no appeal process-The judge’s decision is final.You have been canned.
The girl will label you a very nice guy,just like herbal tea,garlic or even medicinal marijuana.The closest you can get to this girl is a peck,not overlooking the fact that she can even change her clothes in front of you as she narrates the kind of stories she tells her girlfriends.Even though you are called by all the sweetest names,basically a poodle has more privileges.
The one thing that amazes me is most guys in the friend zone are used as errand boys.They are the stepping stones,handy men,heavy lifters,escorts among other lackluster roles.Ironically,many boys go through all these ordeal stuff imagining that they stand a chance.They really think they are making progress while in reality,they are just a bunch of hamsters running a rotating wheel.
All I’m saying is life can quickly get cruel if you don’t to pay attention.These girls have invented this technique of drawing the line rather not fast enough,of giving guys false hopes,they act interested ,acting all coy and when you ask them out,they hold their chest in shock and say “OMG!I…I…I thought we were just friends.You are my friend…Aren’t you?”
Who would you blame for the confusion?
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Just an honest thought…

 SQUADA pen being the tongue of the mind,I suppose we should communicate not only fluently but attractively,with efficiency and the original message being well conveyed in our scripts.We should express our deep feelings,emotions with enthusiasm,freely and without constraints for that will sum up to the felicity of expression.

That said and done;Have you ever experienced a feeling caused by certain humans that you seem not to understand?Of course,a really awesome feeling that if you tried to explain,you’d definitely run short of words.

Well,in my world of reality stitched with thoughts,every idea is a fact,in my Ins cape,emotions are as real as gravity.

I sometimes feel like grabbing the whole of such beings and putting them inside me so that they can at least grasp even if its a spark of the palpability they grant me.I think I wouldn’t dare ask for much from them.They should be there to offer an emotional promenade when the times seem dull,when everything seem to be against me,they should be a bypass to my smiles highway.When I seem lost,they should be a map to my destination.

Many are times that I meet people,they come and go,some are always around me,some just linger at the back of my mind,others don’t even stay and there are those that get rooted in my heart,those…those are worth a treasure.

I know you also have a couple of people whose company you are proud of,those that bring you joy and make your heart smile…therefore,pay attention to those that are keen with you and your feelings,cultivate for such bonds.



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